August 2021

A Message From The Exalted Ruler

To fellow Elks and Friends,

“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man. Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you. With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.” – John F. Kennedy

The famous quote greatly applies today for America and also for Elks. Re-read that quote and switch out the words, Americans for Elks and Country for Lodge, etc.... see how this may apply to Elkdom. Every month we have an Initiation and as part of that ceremony we ask our new members... Why did you join, why did you want to be an Elk? The number one answer is... to give back to our community, followed closely by meet other locals and like-minded people. Now that you have been an Elk for 30yrs or 3 days... ask yourself that same question again? Why did you join? Is your answer still the same? We have a number of fantastic Community events coming up over the next few months. Please reach out if you are interested in helping with the children’s programs or veteran lunches. You just may meet some fantastic new members and other like-minded Elks.

We have a very large Community Benefit coming up on July 31st. We will be ringing in the New Year with NYE in July. Over the last year we were not able to celebrate the way we did in the past and with the year almost ½ way over let’s ring the rest of 2021 in style. This will be a benefit dinner to promote the Florida Elks Children’s Therapy program. Florida Elks Children’s Therapy Services provides in-home physical and occupational therapy to Florida children in need of such services. This rehabilitation is necessary to be rendered in the home because of the absence of these services locally or because of the patient being medically infirmed at home. Please go to https://elkstherapy.com/services to learn more about these services and application. Special Guest speaker, Therapist Camille Arevalo will provide more information about this program. The goal of this event is to help promote these services to our Upper Keys community.

Families in need of these services do not have to be Elks, but as Elks we should all help spread the word. Tickets will be available at the Lodge $50 per person or $95 per couple. This event will include a Surf and Turf 3-course Dinner and dancing and a champagne toast at midnight! We will need volunteers 7/31 at 10am for set up, tear down and everything in between. Please reach out to our House Chairperson Tom Quilter.

Membership matters... On June 24th we held our first separate Orientation / Initiation night. This allowed us to spend more time with our new 21 members and families after the initiation. Everyone was able to sit and mingle afterwards and get to know each other better. Our next event will be August 26th, all members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Thank you to those who have stepped up over the last few months and thank you in advance to those who will. Teamwork makes Elkdom shine and we have the best Team of Elks in 1872!

Angela Sayre